Friday, July 19, 2013

My Top Ten Summer Nail Polishes

*Please excuse the condition of my nails. I seriously need a manicure*

Left thumb- Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess. A grapey purple color that at first seems a jelly but covers in two coats. Perfect formula. If you like it, pick it up now, as the line is discontinued.

Left index- L'Oreal Berry Jealous. An actual jelly that works with two coats or three, lovely formula that is prone to tip wear, unfortunately. Such a fun color that I don't care.

Left middle- Nicole by OPI Diva Into the Pool. A blue metallic shade that screams summer, it glows in the sunlight. Opaque with three coats.

Left ring- China Glaze Pink-ie Promise. I love the color, a soft purpley pink with shimmer. The downside to this polish is it bubbles like a mofo. I don't tend to have trouble with bubbling (although there seems quite a few in this photo) but this one is ridiculous. Maybe it just needs a more careful hand?

Left pinkie- Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up. I haven't explored much of Wet n Wild's nail line, but this shade was calling my name, and with the Walgreens 69 cent sale, who could resist? I'm glad I purchased it, the formula is lovely and it's such a happy color without being obnoxious.

Right thumb- Sally Hansen Green With Envy. A nice green creme, opaque with two coats. Not much to say, but a nice polish in a fun color.

Right index- Zoya Micky. A neon pink with a slight silver shimmer, really lovely, opaque in three coats. Not the greatest Zoya formula I've run across, but absolutely workable.

Right middle- Orly Coachella Bound. A muted mint-sage green with no shimmer or sparkle, it's soft, work appropriate, and dries quickly, as a bonus.

Right ring- Sinful Colors Eva So Bright. My personal favorite of the shades here, Eva So Bright is a neon melon color with an impeccable formula and shiny dry down. Plus, it's two dollars. Note: it's brighter than it seems here.

Right pinkie- FLOWER Beauty Good Bud-dy. A clean teal blue creme without any formula problems. It looks slightly lumpy here because I had to do an emergency repair.

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