About Me

      I could describe myself so many ways, but I'll just sum up the basics.

      I am a student (high school) in the beautiful state of Minnesota.

I am a readaholic, and own far more books than I *need* to.

My iPod is my favorite device ever, and I would probably die without it.

I'm a Leo.

I love Emmy Rossum, Evangeline Lilly, Michelle Branch, and Avril Lavigne.

Yes, the previous note was a tad random.

I carry a notebook everywhere.

I really want to visit Alabama.

The only country besides the US I've visited is France

I love beauty, again if you couldn't have guessed.

I shower in the morning.

I did Calculus in my sophmore year.

I have freckles and a dirty blonde pixie cut.

I write in my spare time.

Language lover. Polyglots unite.

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