Thursday, February 27, 2014

Springtime Outfits

Some/ all of you may know that I'm up here in Minnesnowda, and therefore spring is pretty far off. Nevertheless, I like to look forward and try to anticipate the springtime *just two more months*. As such, I've picked out some pieces I shall be *wishing* to add to my closet in spring.

Delicate Sculpted Ring
From Urban Outfitters, this pretty imitation turquoise ring. For a jewelry maker, I sure to like to buy rings. This one seems versatile, no?

I don't ever wear boyfriend jeans, but the acid rinse and detailing make these ones from H&M too adorable to pass up.
Again from H&M (definitely one of my favourite stores), this dove-print dress. I'll put some chunky black wedges and a jean jacket with it, maybe a silver necklace or two.

Okay, I'm basically allergic to long posts, and a stack of math homework awaits me, so that's all for today. Tomorrow or the next day I'll do an EOTD, as I have a good one sitting around. 


Elizabeth Rose

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I've been thinking a lot recently about language. I've always been good at it. Despite having no previous knowledge of Spanish, I was always the person other students would flock to in middle school for help. It came naturally.

Before my trip to France last year I learned some very basic French, common phrases and words that I thought I might encounter. I loved the sound of the language and was certain I would take it in high school. So I did. French One was a delightful class, for most of my best friends were in there, but it was simply too easy. I learned the whole textbook, which comprised French One and Two, in only the first semester. For the rest of the year I coasted. Then I had to decide about sophomore year.

When I registered for sophomore year, initially I had no idea what to take. I debated between French Two and Three, knowing Two would be child's play, but not wishing to leave my friends behind. I compromised and did French Two, deciding I'd study outside of school levels three and four. I still had one open class period, though. The answer came out of one of the most random things my friends and I have ever done.

Two of my friends and I play a peculiar game. I speak French well, and one of them is entirely fluent in German. The third of us supplies creativity and invents the most preposterous phrases. The first time we played this game, she merely asked the other to translate, "I want to ride a llama into the sunset with a pineapple on my back while eating pickles," into German. He obliged. I loved the way the words looked on the page, with the umlauts and capital letters. It was lovely. I decided I wanted to learn German.

Now I am learning French and German at school, as well as doing external study on both. I skipped the first level of German to keep up with my friends in that class, and I do still find it simple. I love the languages, and know that I want to use them for the rest of my life. I've been looking at colleges with programs in both (not altogether a large amount), and wish to become fluent.

If anyone who might read this post speaks either of these languages, please speak to me in one of them! I need the practice and love to speak them.


Elizabeth Rose

Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week I'm Loving...

This week I'm obsessed with all things German. I should have a post going up on me and languages tomorrow or Thursday, but for now, know I'm obsessed.


Admittedly having nothing to do with Deutsch, this week I'm enjoying Enders, sequel to Starters by Lissa Price. They're simply written teen dystopia, nothing to pass on to the grandchildren but fun to read nonetheless.


So laut ich kann- Luxuslärm. While my German isn't fluent, I can still love Luxuslärm, no? My favourite song is also the first single off of the album, leb' deine Träume. Translated literally it means, ¨live your dreams.¨

Coeur De Pirate- Coeur de Pirate. My particular favourite French Canadian songstress, her bubbly pop music transcends the language barrier. Despite being a short, thirty minute album, it's absolutely worth a listen.


This week I'm obsessed with the Essence Metal Glam eyeshadow in Frosted Apple. It's such a lovely pinky-rosy shade with plenty of sparkle and pigment. The fallout isn't even too awful for what it is. The price is even better than the product, at less than three bucks a pop.


Elizabeth Rose

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review- NYC Applelicious Lip Balms

Hello! I am back with a brief review of the NYC Applelicious Lip Balms in.. uh... Applelicious Pink, Blushing Golden, and Caramel Apple. These are currently on clearance at Target, so if you like them, go for them now. I like them.

These are cute shimmery lip balms housed in a swivel up red plastic casing. It looks and feels cheap, but works, so I don't particularly care. The colour selection is five or six shades, of which I have swatches of three.

Apologies for the low quality photos, my camera is acting up, so the phone it is. This is my favourite colour, Caramel Apple. It's a pretty nude colour with far less shimmer than either of the others.

This is Blushing Golden, which was the first one I bought a few months ago. It's basically just shimmer that I find fun, but many may not like. It does have some grittiness, but it's only noticeable once the balm wears off.

And Applelicious Pink, which is far more pigmented than it appears here. It's a bright fuschia-pink with, again, shimmer. Not so much as Blushing Golden, but to be noted.

Top: Applelicious Pink, Middle: Blushing Golden, Bottom: Caramel Apple

The moisture on these is good for being relatively pigmented, quite comparable to Maybelline Baby Lips or the Covergirl Smoochies, though these are my personal favourites of those three. Overall I love these. The lasting power is ~2 hours, about as much as I get from anything, and they moisturize, to boot.

Buy before they're gone!

Elizabeth Rose