Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beauty Review- NYX Blushes

If books and music are my first two loves, then beauty and fashion are next.

I bought the NYX (nix) Powder Blush in Rose Garden about a year ago, and it sat unappreciated for quite a while. I got around to trying it about six months ago. I loved it, so when Target started carrying NYX I immediately picked up Pinched as well. Well, after freaking out at my computer screen when I first heard that on Nouveau Cheap. Anyways, on to the actual review!

Rose Garden on top, Pinched on Bottom
Rose Garden on left. Yes, I broke the lid. Oops!
Rose Garden on right.

 Rose Garden is a light yellow pink with golden shimmer. Its pigmentation is medium, but that just makes it more foolproof. It applies smoothly and looks very natural.

Rose Garden on left- sunshine

 Pinched is a darker corally pink, again with golden shimmer. The pigmentation is stronger, but it blends out easily and still looks natural.

In the shade
Me wearing Rose Garden

Cheap- $5
Natural looking
Large shade selection
Well Pigmented

Pigmentation isn't on par with, say, NARS
May be too shimmery for some- there are matte shades
Packaging is somewhat delicate

So overall, I love these, and would recommend them to anyone looking for an inexpensive powder blushes. I think Desert Rose and Peach are next on my list!

Have any of you tried these? Thoughts?

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