Monday, August 12, 2013

Jean Skirts- Fashion Do?

If you think of jean skirts, the first thing that pops into your brain is probably this:

Image from Wikihow. Belongs to original owners.
But during my time in France, I saw many women wearing jean skirts. The punchline? They seemed... fashionable. (jaw drops). Since then, I've been trying to style denim skirts in a way that made them less repugnant.

Rule No1. No black cap leggings! Just don't do it. Only ten year old girls are allowed to.

Rule No2. Don't go too short! Miniskirts are rarely a good idea, but unless styled with the most tasteful hand they seem slutty. Not to say you can't handle it, but as a general rule keep them near the knee.

Those are the only "rules". If you follow those, denim skirts can be a great staple that go with anything.

Here are a few styling suggestions:
I just love how she paired the somewhat long skirt with the tight, tucked in, black top. The belt "ties" everything together.

Skirt, Boohoo
This is an adorable denim skirt. Paired with a plain tank and chunky jewelry, it would look tres chic.

 The distressing makes these skirts fun, but the at-the-knees length keeps them age-appropriate. Put a belt over it for added interest. Bonus points for spikes.

So, that's it. Maybe I've convinced you jean skirts are the next big must-have, or maybe not. But if you're willing to give the style a shot, keep those two rules in mind. Or else you could end up looking like this!

No miniskirts with crop tops. Don't even go there.

-Elizabeth Rose


  1. I always thought of denim skirts to be very 90s but I actually like the pictures you have posted. Wearing them high waisted with a airy shirt tucked in and cinched seems like the way to go. Keeps it casual but still very chic. I think I will be revisiting my denim wardrobe :D