Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer, Language, and Indila

Hello all! I am here to announce a triumphant return for summer, just as promised last year. I've got lots of great plans for posts that will expand on the world of beauty, hopefully stretching into some of my other interests, as well.

On the topic of other interests, there have been more than a few hints recently of my language obsession. I've been learning three. I'm taking French in school, German outside, and my friends and I use Esperanto as a secret language (that has so many cognates it can be understood by a non-speaker). Recently, too, I've discovered the marvelous use of Skype as a tool for speaking to native Germans. There's rather a dearth of them here, and thusly my speaking abilities are quite limited. How I only now realized this exists is beyond me, but better late than never, no?

As a result of my new appreciation for linguistics, I've been playing with the idea of a YouTube channel for English learners. I have no formal training in ESL, obviously, but my grammar is excellent and I love words more than anything. Good idea?

I haven't listened to any music in English for a while now, sole exception being Lily Allen's new album, Sheezus. Her sass gets me through each day, I swear. For foreign language music that non-speakers would appreciate, I urge more people to look up Indila. This pretty French woman has a strong, lovely voice, and irresistibly catchy songs. Hit singles Dernière Danse or Tourner Dans Le Vide would be great places to start, but my personal favorite song must be Boîte en Argent, a twinkling ballad.

My, it's gotten rather late here, hasn't it? I suppose I ought to tend to my homework now.

With love,

Elizabeth Rose

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