Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Week I've Been Loving...

Okay. My obsession with Yuna is getting worse by the day. Her beautiful voice is a mixture of Christina Perri and Coeur de Pirate. Sound odd? There's really no way to quantify how she can effortlessly switch from deep, raspy, seductive loveliness to poppy but not sugary sweet. Her album Nocturnal has a permanent spot on my constantly rotating favorites list, the best songs being Falling, Mountains, and Lovely Intermission. 

Also in music, ich liebe Christina Perri's new album. Run will definitely be played a lot in the next while, along with Burning Golden. I've only owned it for a few days, but a great first impression for someone who wasn't particularly impressed by her first effort.

Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones. How on earth did I miss the amazingness that is A Song of Ice and Fire until a month ago? Come to think of it, that's probably what caused my disappearance recently. Too busy devouring seasons 1-3 and five monstrous books. Done with both now, and crazy excited for the rest of season 4. Any other Littlefinger fans out there?

Beauty has been kind of meh in my world of late. *gasp*. I know. Though... the NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks are all kinds of awesome. I've worn the shade Flushed every day this week. You literally just smear it on the lid, blend quickly with your finger, and they don't crease. Eyeshadows always crease on me. These are magic.

Uh, so yeah. Not feeling particularly eloquent today.


Elizabeth Rose

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