Saturday, November 9, 2013

This Week I'm Loving...

Hello again, dearest friends. I am certain that this will be the start of some fairly sporadic posting by yours truly. My schoolwork has been extraordinarily stressful- I forgot how horrid it is. Expect some swatches next week. For now, take my This Week I'm Loving... post as a promise that I will return.


Avril Lavigne- Avril Lavigne: The eponymously titled fifth album from our pop-rock princess hits new highs and lows. Tracks like Give You What You Like showcase an emotional maturity not usually associated with Avril, but following songs Bad Girl and Hello Kitty remind you why. Other than those songs, it's pretty great.

Pure Heroine- Lorde: I've owned this CD since it came out two months ago, but even now I don't think I'm getting all of it. Marvelous, truly excellent. Ella has a gorgeous voice and a lovely sound, with honest lyrics and transparent delivery. Personal favorites- Glory and Gore, 400 Lux.


In the name of total honesty, I haven't read a single book other than assigned reading since school started. Instead I've been watching tv. I'm deeply ashamed. Last week I watched all four seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Does this point to some extreme mental issues?


I've fallen back in love with my MAC Dollymix blush, it's perfect for that rosy flush. Also, the Wet N Wild Fergie eyshadow primer is completely wondrous. It keeps my eyeshadow in place so much better than Primer Potion, NYX, Essence... Just great.  Finally, also from MAC, Cranberry has been fun to work into some seasonal looks. I'm moving out of my comfort zone into darker looks for daytime. Today I'm rocking a purple smoky eye, for example.

Much love,

Elizabeth Rose

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